Flexible Food Label Printing

For a young company in the throes of product development, packaging flexibility was essential to Paleo Hero –  Australia’s leading Paleo food supplier.

Paleo Hero director Mark Rockley said Paleo Hero hit the ground running and continued to finesse… Continue reading

Food Labels and Printing

From one pot of preserves made in a Yarra Valley kitchen, handmade preserves producer Cunliffe & Waters grown over the past 20 years to now offer a range of 80 products – and PressPoint has been with them all the… Continue reading

Creating an ideal bumper sticker

Too often we are sent artwork for a bumper sticker that simply doesn’t work, often it is very crowded and becomes difficult to read. When you create your bumper sticker artwork you need to think about the message you want… Continue reading

Making your wine labels look great

Enjoying wine is normally about what is in the bottle, yet at PressPoint we believe the outside of the bottle is as important, particularly when you think of how many people will buy simply by presentation of a label.

We… Continue reading

Paper sticker variations

At Presspoint we offer a few varieties of what is essentially a paper sticker. Print option 3-5 all have a paper sticker as their base. Paper stickers are low cost and with our printing technology they can be printed at… Continue reading