Food Labels and Printing

From one pot of preserves made in a Yarra Valley kitchen, handmade preserves producer Cunliffe & Waters grown over the past 20 years to now offer a range of 80 products – and PressPoint has been with them all the way.

Cunliffe & Waters managing director Caroline Gray says PressPoint’s quality food labels and short run flexibility has allowed them to easily expand their range and cater for seasonal products.

PressPoint and Cunliffe & Waters have had an 18-year relationship, which has seen both businesses evolve. For Cunliffe & Waters it has meant expanding while maintaining their original goal of making handmade preserves from quality produce, while PressPoint has continually updated food labeling equipment to offer food producers an extraordinary range of label printing options.

Caroline says PressPoint’s ability to produce short run packaging label means that Cunliffe & Waters has been able to deliver seasonal produce while maintaining brand consistency – despite their range now expanding to include 80 products sold throughout Australia and overseas. See Cunliffe & Waters’ range online.

Cunliffe & Waters also produces preserves under contract and PressPoint has assisted in food labels for these new brands by being able to deliver artwork and actual packaging samples, instead of computer generated mock ups.

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