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Cosmetics Labels

cosmetics-labelsStickers for cosmetics need to look fantastic, but they also need to have durability to stand up to the pressures of oils, chemicals and water.

We understand this at PressPoint and offer a range of cosmetics labels that not only look great but also perform!

Foil and metallic printing are very popular in this range of labels, as is full colour paper labels with a gloss or metallic laminate.

Colour on matt or gloss

High res full colour on UV polyester + over laminate


This UV polyester sticker option is extremely UV stable with a high resistance to heat and chemicals also. The print resolution is also extremely high. Used alot for Bumper Sticker where a high resolution finish is required, also for heavy duty Industrial applications and cosmetics.
Select print option #2


Clear stickers

Full Colour on clear UV Polyester

Full Colour print on UV stable polyester. Hard wearing label that is tolerant to moisture and outdoors. Commonly used in cosmetics, car window stickers and packaging where a see through labels is required.

Select print option #8

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